2017 SDCOS Board Members

The Society Board meetings are typically the second Thursday of the Month at 6:30 pm. Members are welcome to attend.

Please contact a board member for the location of the next meeting.

  1. President: Ketan Bakriwala, OD, FAAO
  2. President-Elect: Michael Morgan, OD
  3. Treasurer: Robert Grazian, OD
  4. Secretary: Michelle Biaggi, OD
  5. Past President: Allison Pierce, OD, FAAO
  6. Membership: Eric M. White, OD
  7. Vendor Liaison: David N. Sherman, OD
  8. Co-Professional Affairs: Dawn Pewitt, OD, FAAO
  9. Co-Professional Affairs Amanda K Dexter, OD, FAAO
  10. Governmental Affairs: Richard Skay, OD
  11. Co-Communications Liaison: Lucia Millet, OD
  12. Co-Communications Liaison: Nickolet Boermans, OD
  13. Webmaster: Susan T. Cervantes, OD
  14. Public Awareness: Robert Meisel, OD, FAAO
  15. OD Relations: John Fitzpatrick, OD
  16. Peer Review: Paul Lavin, OD, FAAO
  17. COA HCDS Liaison: Andrew Fasciani, OD
  18. LOVC Liaison: Erin Swift, OD, FAAO
  19. Trustee: Patty Cheng, OD
  20. Trustee: Michael Kling, OD
  21. Trustee: Wendy Gross, OD
  22. Trustee: David Ardakani, OD
  23. Trustee: David Wong, OD
  24. Trustee: Dana Gampel, OD
  25. Honorary Trustee: Byron Y. Newman, OD
  26. Administrative Assistant: Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz