Member Awards

Past Membership Award Recipients


  • OD of the Year – Dr. Amanda Dexter
  • Young OD of the Year – Dr. Nina Song

Anniversary Awards

  • Dr. Renald Annell
  • Dr. Betsy Cathey
  • Dr. Mark Delsman
  • Dr. John Fleming
  • Dr. Charlotte Jaques
  • Dr. Ankur Kalra
  • Dr. Henry Lin
  • Dr. Efrain Mascareno
  • Dr. John Riggs
  • Dr. David N. Sherman
  • Dr. Khoa Truong
  • Dr. Claude Valenti
  • Dr. Eric White
  • Dr. Greg Woodworth


  • OD of the Year – Dr. Jason Tu
  • Young OD of the Year – Dr. Alexandra Scovill


  • OD of the Year – Dr. Robert Meisel
  • Young OD of the Year – Dr. Wendy Gross (Jones)

Anniversary Awards

  • Dr. Caroline Cauchi
  • Dr. Jennifer Chinn
  • Dr. Edward Harver
  • Dr. Anthony Hutchinson
  • Dr. Manel Lamouchi
  • Dr. Craig Liu
  • Dr. Daniel Mason
  • Dr. Stephen Peterson
  • Dr. Daniel Rosenbaum
  • Dr. Robert Sanet
  • Dr. Lisa M Weiss


June 2019 – Dr. David McCleary 25 Years Award

American Optometric Association (AOA), California Optometric Association (COA), and the San Diego County Optometric Society (SDCOS).

Thank you very much for your continued support to advocate on behalf of patients and for providing eye health and vision care to your community.