Walk with Us!

Every October the San Diego County Optometric Society comes together to support a cause near and dear to the optometric community:  the fight against diabetes.  We invite you to join us as we walk in Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.  You can help make us stronger and increase awareness, by joining our team as a walker, virtual walker, or donor.

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Why do we walk?  We walk because our friends and family are among the 30 million Americans living with diabetes and 86 million living with prediabetes.  We walk because in diabetic adults 40 years or older, 4.2 million (28.5%) people have diabetic retinopathy and 655,000 (4.4%) have advanced diabetes with severe vision loss, making diabetes the leading cause of adult-onset blindness.  An estimated 11.3 million will have diabetic retinopathy by 2030.  We walk in the hope that we can increase awareness, promote healthy habits to avoid diabetic risk, contribute to improving access to medical care and effective treatment, and ultimately reverse the Diabetic epidemic in our country.

So what are you waiting for?  You can make an impact in the fight against diabetes.  Join our team and walk with us!