So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

As 2016 comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to reflect upon the fantastic year we have had as a society in this, my final president’s message.  We have accomplished many things this year, including working hard to promote optometry’s political interests, caring for our community through free screenings and exams, and prioritizing improving our skills with quality continuing education.  We did these things together and I have been honored to lead you as president this year.

Being president of the San Diego County Optometric Society is a challenging, but rewarding endeavor and I would encourage any optometrist who has an interest in becoming more involved in the optometric community to consider joining our society’s board.  While this year and the years leading up to presidency on the board has required a great deal of time and commitment, it would not have been possible without support.  First to thank are our society members who are generous enough to volunteer their time in numerous ways.  You have done things such as fly up to the Capitol to talk to our political representatives about optometry on COA’s Legislative Day, volunteer for Monarch School Eye Exams, and walk with us for Step Out Walk for Diabetes (where we made over $6,000!).  Without volunteers our society would not be as extraordinary as it is!

Of course, I must thank those who are in the trenches with me on the SDCOS Board.  We had a very strong board this year including Drs Amanda Dexter, Ketan Bakriwala, Michael Morgan, Robert Grazian, Eric White, David Sherman, Dawn Pewitt, Richard Skay, Lucia Millet, Nickolet Boermans, Susan Cervantes, Robert Meisel, Jack Anthony, Paul Lavin, Andrew Fasciani, Erin Swift, Claire Kosters, John Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Le, W.J. Garvin, Michelle Biaggi, and Byron Newman.  These are the unsung heroes behind the scenes who allow our society to be successfully run.

Our vendor sponsors allow our society to function on the next level with their financial support and enthusiasm for assisting our members’ success with their products and services.  Thank you to all those companies who recognize optometry’s importance and I would strongly encourage our members to support those who choose to support us!

And finally, I must thank the angel of our society who is the face and constant over the years, Nancy-Jo Sinkewicz.  You will find her at all our meetings with a smiling face waiting to check you in.  She is the one behind the curtain, answering your questions by e-mail or phone.  She is the right hand to all of our board members.  On behalf of myself and all the presidents before me, thank you for all your hard work!

It is with bittersweet emotion I write my final message and send-off.  Thank you for the honor of being your president.  Working hard for you has made me a better optometrist and I will always value my time on the SDCOS board.  I look forward to an exciting new year with Dr. Ketan Bakriwala and wish him all the best.

But the year is not over yet!  On November 17th we have our CE event with Dr. David Granet focusing on Reading, Learning, Vision and Adult Strabismus.  Don’t miss our Holiday Party on December 3rd at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse!  Our featured entertainment will be singer/songwriter/DJ Michael Tiernan as we dance and eat the night away on the water.  I look forward to seeing you all there!