Welcome New Optometry Graduates! By Amanda Dexter, O.D.

This is an exciting month each year in optometry as we welcome the newly graduated doctors into our profession. The 21 schools and colleges of optometry across the country recently awarded the Doctor of Optometry degree to close to 1,600 students. Many of these new optometrists will further their clinical education through the nearly 200 different residency programs, while others will directly enter into private practice, corporate settings, or other practice modalities.

As these new graduates join our society and begin to search for job opportunities, it is important to remember that our society has some great resources available for aiding in job placement of both new graduates, as well as others seeking work in the San Diego area. Dr. Jack Anthony currently serves as the Society Optometric Relations Liaison in which he offers a unique service to the SDCOS community. Dr. Anthony coordinates with doctors seeking full or part-time positions, fill-in work, and those interested in purchasing, partnering, or selling a practice. Please contact Dr. Anthony if you would like his assistance (optojack@gmail.com). Furthermore, Dr. Eric White currently serves as the Society Membership Chair and can also help with networking and connecting new members with current SDCOS members (ericwhiteod@gmail.com). In addition to these services, the SDCOS newsletter and website keep a current list of classified ads that also often include potential work opportunities.

I would also like to encourage our newly graduated colleagues to become active members in the San Diego County Optometric Society, as you are the future leaders of our profession! Please let me know if you have any interest in volunteer opportunities or taking on any leadership roles.

This is a very exciting time to welcome new optometrists into our profession as we continue to grow and thrive here in San Diego. Our future is very bright and promising and we are working very hard to continue to move our profession forward every single day. We welcome you all with open arms and know that you will have a very successful and rewarding career ahead! Congratulations!