President’s Message

Greetings and Happy New Year 2022! I hope everyone had a peaceful and meaningful holiday season!

I am honored to start the year as your new president.  Serving on the executive board the last couple of years has been a great learning experience for me, and it is my privilege to give back to the society and the community of ODs, and make an impact in 2022.  I am grateful for the group of doctors who stepped up to serve as executive board members, and for the rest of the board who will continue to help lead the society through another great year. This society would not exist without the relentless efforts, countless hours of volunteer time, and dedication of its board members in keeping alive and advancing the mission of SDCOS!

I would like to thank the amazing Dr. Alex Scovill for all her hard work in 2021, juggling full-time work, family with a baby, and making many tough decisions for the society while navigating the uncertainties of the COVID19 pandemic. You are an inspiration to me, and I only hope I will be able to continue to lead this society with the grace and professionalism you have.

As the new SDCOS president, I am committed to maintaining our legacy as one of the best optometric societies in the country. We are the third largest society in the state, and our membership is growing. In addition to being one of the largest in California, we are also one of the most active.  We provide a wealth of continuing education opportunities to our members, with renowned speakers, making it easy and convenient to keep up with your continuing education locally.  We also have many volunteer outreach programs which allow for our members to be active and give back to the community, including our Lions Optometric Vision Clinic, Monarch School Screenings, and many others. I would encourage our members to contribute to these programs, which not only make for an incredibly rewarding experience, but help to make us a strong force and presence in the San Diego!

As optometrists, it is important for us to continue support the needs and interests of our patients by reinforcing COA’s legislative efforts. Despite the challenges of COVID19, our members – together with COA and other societies in the state – stayed active and advanced the scope of practice by passing some very important laws in 2021 (AB407, AB691, AB1534, SB509) which will take effect January 1, 2022 (SB509 took effect September 22, 2021). A summary of one of the bills (AB407) is available here: These new laws will help bridge the huge gap between the number of available doctors and the growing number of patients in need.

I look forward to everything we will accomplish together in 2022!