President’s Message

June marks the beginning of summer! And this year, it marks another milestone in starting to re-open as we continue to make progress in defeating this virus! Maybe you are a practice owner looking for more help as patients begin to flock to your practice for those new glasses and contacts they have been putting off for the past year.  Maybe you are a new graduate looking for work, or figuring out how to run a business for the first time! I remember feeling immense anxiety as I transitioned from my residency program into the “real world”. How do I get my license? What is an NPI number? How much malpractice insurance do I need? I had so many questions!

I wish someone had told me about the COA Optometric Resource Guide available to members. As students, you are encouraged to join as a student member which is a free membership that lasts the entirety of your graduating year. That means that new grads still have free access until January! This Optometric Resource Guide gives you all the information I wish I had at the time. It clearly lays out everything you have to do to complete your licensure, how to become a Medicare/Medi-Cal provider, and what an NPI number is and how to apply for one. It also offers practice management tips including HIPAA guidelines, CA scope of practice laws, how to keep medical records, clinical practice guidelines, telehealth information, and more!

If you are still searching for a job after graduation, or are looking for a change in positions, both the COA and SDCOS offer job postings. SDCOS offers a unique job connections service where you can be put on a list of doctors looking for a position that will be sent to doctors looking to hire! I, personally, found my dream job on the SDCOS website right after completing my residency! I saw the job posting and noticed that the SDCOS president was an employee at the office looking to hire. So I emailed him to get more information and decided it was a good fit! Three years later, I am still at the same job that I would not have gotten if it weren’t for the Society’s website (or the help of the President). Please do not hesitate to reach out to any board member with questions about job searching, we are all happy to help!

Also, plans are in the works for a possible outdoor BBQ this summer for new members to be able to meet with board members! If you are a new grad or have recently moved to San Diego, keep an “eye” out for more information coming soon! We would love to meet you in person and get to know you better! We are always thrilled to have new members as that makes our society stronger and our voices louder. Together we can accomplish so much for our profession!