President’s Message

For my final President’s message, I’ll take a moment to reflect on the year. I’ve greatly enjoyed being your Society president and I’m pleased and proud of all we’ve accomplished together. We’ve had a truly fun and eventful 2019, with so many continuing education meetings and other Society functions. I feel emotionally indebted to the many individuals who have committed themselves to making SDCOS California’s finest optometry society. We are a team of volunteers who create a better professional life for our members through continuing education, service to our community, and optometric leadership. We’ve made a real difference through our positive accomplishments, from giving eye examinations to our community’s homeless veterans to meeting with lawmakers in Sacramento to hosting nine great CE events in our own city for our own OD’s.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with so many good people this year. Our Board of Directors has volunteered much personal time, energy, enthusiasm, and creative commitment. With them, we’ve continued a treasured optometric Society of immeasurable importance to us. Without them, the job of president would be meaningless and our optometric society would cease to exist. I want to sincerely thank each and every Director and Trustee on the 2019 Board of Directors.  Warm ‘thank you’ to Dr. Michelle Biaggi, Dr. Wendy Gross, Dr. Alexandra Scovill, Dr. Michael Morgan, Dr. Amanda Dexter, Dr. Andrew Fasciani, Dr. Anita Koo, Dr. Byron Newman, Dr. David Ardakani, Dr. David Sherman, Dr. David Wong, Dr. Jennifer Chinn, Dr. John Fitzpatrick, Dr. Kathryn Ordonez, Dr. Lucia Millet, Dr. Marcelline Ciuffreda, Dr. Nickolet Boermans, Dr. Paul Lavin, Dr. Richard Skay, Dr. Robert Meisel, Dr. Simona Grosu, and Dr. Stephanie Le.

Our Administrative Director, Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz, has been a dream to work with—she truly is the conductor of our SDCOS business orchestra. A big ‘thank you’ to Nancy-Jo for all her dedication and talent that made the year a success for all. Her cheerfulness and helpfulness is invaluable to the Board every day of the year.

Our vendor sponsors allow our society to function on the highest level with their financial support and enthusiasm for assisting our members’ success with their products and services. Thank you to all those companies who recognize optometry’s importance. I strongly encourage our members to support those who choose to support us!

Even though 2019 has two months remaining, it’s time to think about our final SDCOS events before the end of the year ramps up with holidays, vacations, and quality time with friends and family. To end the year in style, what better way to enjoy ourselves than a first-class Annual Holiday Party! The entire SDCOS membership, our dedicated team of Sponsors, and all of our guests are cordially invited to our 2019 Holiday Party to be held at Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa on Saturday, December 7th. It will include a cocktail hour followed by a banquet dinner, photo booth, raffle, music, and dance floor. Tickets are now on sale, and I’m looking forward to your company and enjoying a great dinner with you.

As I pass the microphone to our 2020 President, Dr. Wendy Gross, I’m confident she is an amazing OD who will be a great leader for our Optometric Society. I wish her the very best in her term as SDCOS President. Again, 2019 has been a wonderful year for me, and I thank the membership for giving me the opportunity to serve them.