President’s Message

As the year is quickly coming to a close, writing this last President’s Message has given me the opportunity to pause and reflect back on 2018.  For me, both on a personal and professional level, this year was one of dynamic change and growth.  Serving as the President of the San Diego County Optometric Society has been challenging but rewarding, and I will look back on this experience with a smile.  More so now than ever, I have a greater respect for Nancy-Jo and the Doctors in our society who have given up their time to help make everything that SDCOS does, continue and grow.  I want to give a huge thank you to the 2018 SDCOS Board Members for all their help this year: Drs. Ketan Bakriwala,  Robert Grazian, Michelle Biaggi, Wendy Gross, Amanda Dexter, Dick Skay, Dave Sherman, Andrew Fasciani, Paul Lavin, Nickolet Boermans, Lucia Millet, Susan Cervantes, Bob Meisel, John Fitzpatrick, Erin Swift, Eric White, David Ardakani.  I want to also thank and acknowledge our trustees for 2018: Drs. David Wong and Patty Cheng.

Before I hand over the speakers microphone for the last time to Dr. Robert Grazian, who will be an incredible President for SDCOS next year, I wanted to mention a couple of final items of business for 2018.  I would like to encourage and welcome any Doctors in the society who would like to join the Board of Directors for 2019.  We have Trustee positions available to any Doctor who wants to donate their time to benefit all our members and to become accustomed to the behind the seems work that makes SDCOS such a great society.  Through new volunteers we can continue to bring greater perspective and growth to the society and carry its traditions into the future and for everyone’s benefit.

Finally I want to encourage everyone to attend the Holiday Party.  This year it will be at the San Diego Zoo.  Hope to see everyone there and again thank you all for a great year for SDCOS.  It was my honor and pleasure to be the President for 2018.  Happy Holidays!