President’s Message

I believe that the San Diego County Optometric Society is one of the top societies in the state, if not the best.  I am convinced that our society’s greatness is, in large part, thanks to two pillars of our foundation.

The first being the incredible group of doctors that form our membership.  San Diego is a melting pot of wonderful people from all over the country and it stands to reason that our membership is an equally wonderful group of professionals that reflects that same principle.  Our members continue to be philanthropic, motivated, politically active, and supportive of the community and each other.  Through member help and support, we are able to continue our volunteer opportunities (Monarch School, Lions Optometric Vision Clinic, Braille Institute, Annual Golf Tournament, etc.), our comprehensive Continuing Education events, as well as maintaining a supportive and welcoming environment for new and existing members.  I would like to encourage any of our current members who would like to be more involved in the society and the many different functions that we perform, to serve on our Board of Directors.  The Board is a group of volunteer doctors (myself included) who give their time to ensure the society continues to have these great events and resources so that our members can benefit.  If anyone is interested in joining the Board, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, other current members of the Board, or Nancy-Jo at the registration table.

The second pillar that makes us one of the premier societies is our sponsors. SDCOS is fortunate to have so many wonderful sponsors.  In large part to our sponsors, we are able to fund the many functions that our society performs up to and including the quality and amount of Continuing Education courses that we are able to provide to our members.  I want to encourage members to engage all of our sponsors and give them the opportunity to show you how they can help your practice and your patients.  Aside from being a great group of people, our sponsors are invaluable resources and we can all benefit from their individual expertise.  I encourage all of our members to show our sponsors how much we appreciate their support by supporting them in return.

On behalf of the SDCOS, I would like to again thank all of our sponsors for their continued support.  Only through our great members and sponsors are we able to continue to be one of the best societies in the entire state.

Please save the date for our annual holiday party.  This year’s event will be at the San Diego Zoo on December 1st.  More details to follow as we get closer to the event date.