President’s Message

Healthcare providers possess a powerful skill set and the ability to help every single person that sits in our chair.  As we navigate through the challenges of practice management, heavy workloads, and the rigors of clinical care we must not forget the foundation of our profession.  Deep down, we all chose this profession to help and care for people.  As Optometrists, we heal the eyes and are able provide the gift of clear vision.  To the average patient this may or may not be as significant as we hope, but to a person without access to quality healthcare, this can be life changing. A simple pair of glasses could give someone additional independence, quality of life, gives back their favorite hobby or the ability to maintain employment.

The Lions Optometric Vision Clinic (LOVC) is our local charity which provides comprehensive examinations and affordable glasses to patient populations who would otherwise be unable to get quality eye care. LOVC provides all the scheduling, staff support and necessary equipment to provide these examinations but they rely on the support of community doctors willing to donate their time and expertise.   The San Diego County Optometric Society stands behind the LOVC and their mission and will offer valuable benefits to doctors who donate their time.

SDCOS provides to those doctors who are able and willing to volunteer for a shift at the LOVC the following benefits:

  • Members who volunteer will receive a free 5-hour CE registration
  • Non-members who volunteer will receive a $70 discount off registration for any CE event
  • SDCOS will extend this discount up to twice per year per doctor

Typical volunteer scheduling is a half day, from 9am-1pm.  This allows plenty of time for the volunteering doctor to also see a half days’ worth of patients in their normal clinical setting and not miss a full day of work.  LOVC is also very accommodating with doctors who want to work at different times or at different paces to make the experience as comfortable as possible.  I would again like to encourage all our members to help meet the needs of our community and to do their part in providing eye examinations to people in San Diego who could not otherwise afford to have one.  The waiting list for patients is unfortunately months long.  If members could find the time in our schedules to give back just one day a year, it would be a tremendous impact for the community and the patients that desperately need our help.

Please contact the Lions Optometric Vision Clinic directly, Dr. Erin Swift (SDCOS Liaison to LOVC), or any SDCOS Board member for more information.