President’s Message – January 2024

Wow, it feels so good to be back as the president of SDCOS. SDCOS is one of the strongest societies in the state and is one of the largest of the state associations. The reason we are at this level is because of our members. We have great members, but more importantly, we have great leaders on our board. I am blessed to have such an incredibly talented board. I am very excited to lead this group into the next year. Dr. Bianes has been a great leader, and I want to continue all she started and take it to the next level.

When I became an optometrist in 1986, at the first meeting, Dr. Dick Skay came up to me and told me that now that I am an optometrist, it is time to get involved and join the board. That was great advice, and I recommend all new graduates get involved in something. The way for our profession to move forward is with involvement. If you want to get involved, just ask a board member, and we will get you involved. Bev said it best and needs another mention from the book; “No Regrets: A Fable About Living Your 4th Quarter Intentionally.”

  1. Say Yes even though it may be uncomfortable. By stretching yourself, you will find growth.
  2. Focus on your passion, talents, and gifts.
  3. Give of your time, talents, and treasure. The more you give yourself away, the happier you’ll be.
  4. Forgive those who rejected or hurt you. Forgive yourself.
  5. Be open to life. Be open to what can be.

A couple of highlights coming up are COA House of Delegates on February 9-10 and Legislative Day on February 26th. Our next CE is on February 15th with Andrew Mick. Stay tuned for more announcements.

I am always asked, “Why should I belong to organized optometry like AOA, COA, and SDCOS?” Belong because of the benefits and belong for the good of our profession:

Free/Low-cost CEs: The 2-hour CEs are free, and the 5-hour CEs are only $90. Meals are included.

Free legal advice with COA lawyers: Each month, you have access to some of the best industry lawyers for a 30-minute consultation.

Three-in-one membership: Membership in SDCOS automatically grants you membership in both COA and AOA.

Special Value Registration: COA’s Monterey Fall Symposium and OptoWest.

Access to SDCOS website: provides local and state information with an exclusive “member-only” section.

Access to more patients: Membership grants you a listing on, an optometrist locator service via a toll-free number and online search that helps the public find a COA member doctor.

Exclusive deals: SDCOS sponsors offer special deals exclusively to SDCOS members. Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy: COA’s legislative team helps protect your license and enhance your scope of practice.

Dues are tax-deductible. Reduced fees are also available for new graduates—this is why you want to get involved.

The bottom line is SDCOS is the place to be, and I am proud to be the president again. We will have a great year with some incredible projects. Stay tuned for updates. Let’s all work together and make SDCOS even better.

Take care and talk soon.