September 10, 2020

Board Members: Drs. Gross, Grosu, Scovill, Grazian, Sherman, Skay, Fasciani, Millet, Volk, Meisel, Chinn, Ciuffreda, Budarina, and Mathieson.

Call to order: 6:41 PM

Secretary: Dr. Roula El-Moghrabi (absent)
Reviewed August 2020 Minutes. Motion by Dr. Sherman to accept minutes as written, second by Dr. Grazian, motion passed.

Treasurer: Dr. Simona Grosu
Reviewed August P&L. Motion by Dr. Sherman to accept P&L as written, second by Dr. Grazian, motion passed.

President-Elect: Dr. Alexandra Scovill
Discussed vendor dinner; alternative to Holiday party tickets (Holiday party cancelled)

  • Vendor Appreciation Event On Zoom
    • Date: TBD
    • Gift card versus gift basket Immediate Past President: Dr. Robert Grazian

Report of COA Q&A with VSP held on 8/20/2020

President: Dr. Wendy Gross
Reviewed CE Webinars
Restructuring our society around virtual meetings

  • Executive board is working on changes to the budget, CE schedule, types of events, and sponsorship program

Holiday Party: Hotel Republic on December 5, 2020

  • Cancelled; refund approved.

Discussed Assigning a new LOVC Liaison after Dr. Morgan resignation.

Vendor Liaison: Dr. David N. Sherman
Continue having VSP Global as sustaining sponsor.

Governmental Affairs: Dr. Richard Skay

Professional Affairs: Dr. Amanda Dexter (absent) 2-hour CE on September 17 – Dr. Richard Mangan

COA Health Care Delivery Systems (HCDS) Liaison: Dr. Andrew Fasciani No Report

Motion by Dr. Grazian to donate $100 for each of the following political candidate’s campaign, Todd Gloria, Brian Jones, and Randy Voepel, second by Dr. Skay, motion passed.

LOVC Liaison: Dr. Michael Morgan (absent)
LOVC reopened as of August 24 with only one person in the clinic at a time and by appointment only

Communications: Dr. Nickolet Boermans (absent) & Dr. Lucia Millet September 2020 newsletter: deadline for entries is the 15th of the prior month.

Webmaster: Dr. Ilya Volk Virtual platform options:

  • Cvent
    • Report on Zoom meeting with west coast director on August 17
  • Socio

Membership: Dr. David Ardakani (absent)

No Report

OD Relations: Dr. John Fitzpatrick (absent) No Report

Peer Review: Dr. Paul Lavin (absent) No Report

Public Awareness: Dr. Bob Meisel
Motion by Dr. Grazian to spend up to $200 towards SDCOS banner, second by Dr. Skay, motion passed. Monarch update

Dr. Jenn Chinn – Co-Membership chair/New Member Liaison
Dr. Kathryn Ordonez (absent) – Sunshine Coordinator
Dr. Marcelline Ciuffreda – Richard Rex Fund Liaison
Dr. Tiana Mathieson – Co-Public Awareness
Dr. Nina Song (absent) – School Liaison
Dr. Tatyana Budarina – Signs Liaison/Social media manager

Honorary Board Member: Dr. Byron Newman (absent)

Administrative Director: Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz
Discussed the need for Optometrist who offer in-home service.

Meeting adjourned: 7:55 PM
Next Board Meeting: October 15, 2020. Location: Virtual meeting using Zoom