May 6th, 2021

Board Members: Drs. Scovill, Nina Song, El-Moghrabi, Grosu, Sherman, Meisel, Ardakani, Millet, Fasciani, and Ordonez.

Call to order: 6:35 pm

Secretary:  Dr. Roula El-Moghrabi

Review March 2021 Minutes . Motion by Dr. Miesel to accept minutes as written, second by Dr. Sherman, motion passed.

Treasurer:  Dr. Nina Song

Reviewed March & April P&L.

President-Elect: Dr. Simona Grosu

No report

Immediate Past President:  Dr. Wendy Gross (absent)

No report

President:  Dr. Alex Scovill

  • Discussed Membership Engagement Committee report
  • Discussed Eblast concern from a member
  • Health and Human Services Agency would like suggestions as to how they can meet their Healthcare Sector goal of improving the health of the community by providing timely and accurate information to healthcare providers
  • LOVC Liaison open position
  • Holiday party
  • Next year’s calendar

Vendor Liaison:  Dr. David N. Sherman

Discussed vendor payment updates: Vistakon, B&L, Wells Fargo, NVISION, and Sun Ophthalmic, Optivue, and WestPac.

Governmental Affairs:  Dr. Richard Skay

No report

Professional Affairs:  Dr. Amanda Dexter (absent)

No report

COA Health Care Delivery Systems (HCDS) Liaison:  Dr. Andrew Fasciani

No Report

LOVC Liaison:  (open position)

No report

Communications:  Dr. Lucia Millet

Monthly 2021 newsletter: deadline for entries is the 15th of the prior month.

Webmaster:  Dr. Ilya (absent)

No report

Membership: Dr. David Ardakani

  • Discussed updated membership numbers
  • Discussed ideas to attract new members
  • Ask for a dedicated amount of $ towards new member attraction solidify in budget
  • Ask membership benefits (one at a time) to be highlighted during CE presentation
  • Possible events planning for this year with or without sponsors

OD Relations:  Dr. John Fitzpatrick (absent)

No Report

Peer Review:  Dr. Paul Lavin (absent)

No report

Public Awareness: Dr. Bob Meisel

  • Monarch School screening
  • Fall semester: Date TBD
  • Veterans Stand Down North County
  • Postponed to 17-18 Sept at Green Valley Ranch in Vista
  • San Diego Veterans Stand Down
  • Date TBD (July?)


Dr. Jenn Chinn                  (absent)          Co-Membership chair/New Member Liaison

Dr. Kathryn Ordonez                               Sunshine Coordinator

?                                                         Richard Rex Fund Liaison

Dr. Tiana Mathieson        (absent)           Co-Public Awareness

Dr. Erin Swift                    (absent)           School Liaison

Dr. Tatyana Budarina      (absent)           Signs Liaison/Social media manager

Honorary Board Member: Dr. Byron Newman (absent)

Administrative Director: Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz

Guest: Dr. Andrea Nastasoiu

Meeting adjourned: 7:53 pm

Next Board Meeting:  August 5, 2021; location: Virtual meeting using Zoom