May 5th, 2022

Board members in attendance:

Drs. Beverly Bianes, Tatyana Budarina, Andrew Fasciani, Simona Grosu, Melanie Langford, Lucia Millet, Andreea Nastasoiu, Justin T. Nguyen, Sloan Rajadhyksha, Dave Sherman, Richard Skay, Ilya Volk, and Katherine Witmeyer. 


Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz

Board members absent: Drs. David Ardakani, Patty Cheng, Jennifer Chinn, Courtney Cape, Amanda Dexter, Robert Meisel, Byron Newman, Kathryn Ordonez, Alyssa Pack, Alex Scovill, Erin Swift.

Secretary Dr. Courtney Cape – absent

  • Reviewed March 2022 minutes. Motion by Dr. Grosu to accept November 2022 minutes as written, seconded by Dr. Witmeyer, motion passed.

Treasurer:  Dr. Katherine Witmeyer

  • Reviewed revised budget 2022
  • Motion made to transfer money from yellow pages savings account to the general account by Dr. Skay, seconded by Dr. Witmeyer, voted on and approved by Board
  • Motion made by Dr. Witmeyer to approve the revised budget, seconded by Dr. Skay, voted on and approved by Board
  • Submit reimbursements by 90 days and checks/deposits within 180 days
  • Suggestion made to primarily use the society’s Vision One Visa credit card to pay for expenses to better track expenses and create more efficiency
  • Motion made by Dr. Sherman that can use the society’s Vision One Visa credit card for expenses over $1000 only for CE expenses, additional expenses over $1000 need to be approved by the society’s president, seconded by Dr. Skay, voted on approved by the board

President-Elect: Dr. Beverly Bianes

  • April 21, 2022, 2-hour in-person CE at the Hilton Mission Valley San Diego.
    Speakers – Angelique Pillar, MD – The Art of Managing Ocular Surface Disease and
    Srinivas Iyengar, MD – Evaluating the Eyelid.
    80-Total Participants, 57-SDCOS Members, 2-Residents, 3-Prospective Members 15 Sponsors, 3-Speakers and Nancy-Jo.
  • May 26, 2022, 2-hour in-person at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley
    • Speaker – Dr. Brittany McMurren – Dry Eye Drama and Corneal Clarity


Immediate Past President:  Dr. Alexandra Scovill – absent

  • No report

President:  Dr. Simona Grosu

  • Looking for more affordable AV support – speaker, projector screen and mic

Vendor Liaison:  Dr. Andrew Fasciani – absent

  • Approved for annual Gold sponsorship: PECAA, La Jolla LASIK, and Alcon.

Professional Affairs:  Dr. Melanie Langford

  • COA + SDCOS CE social event postponed until next year
  • August 21st – speaker pending, September 22st CE – speaker pending
  • November 17th – Dr. London

Membership: Dr. David Ardakani – not present

  • Working on hearing from COA how many members are in private practice

OD Relations:  Dr. David Sherman

  • Created a flyer to send out to membership to let them know about benefit of advertising job

Governmental Affairs:  Dr. Richard Skay

  • June 27th Legislative Day

COA Health Care Delivery Systems (HCDS):  Dr. Justin Nguyen

  • no report

Public Awareness: Dr. Bob Meisel – no

  • Full screening October on Monday
  • Monarch fall screening
    • Monday 3 October need 3 ODs
  • Monarch VSP Mobile exams
    • Monday 24 Oct need 1 OD
    • Tuesday 25 Oct covered
  • Healing CA event in Vista (North County Veterans Standown)
    • Friday Oct 21, Saturday Oct 22
    • ODs needed both days

LOVC:  Andreea Nastasoiu present

  • President of the Lion’s Club thank you for $1500 donation

Communications Dr. Lucia Millet – absent

  • Monthly 2022 newsletter: deadline for entries the 15th of the prior month
  • Dr. Newman will not be able to continue his portion of newsletter because of eyesight

Webmaster Dr. Ilya Volk

  • No report

Peer Review:  Dr. Patty Cheng

  • No report


Dr. Jenn Chinn – Co-Membership chair/New Member Liaison

Dr. Alyssa Pack – Co-Communications Liaison

Dr. Kathryn Ordonez – Sunshine Coordinator – absent

Dr. Sloan Rajadhyksha – Richard Rex Fund Liaison

Dr. Erin Swift – School Liaison

Dr. Tatyana Budarina – Social media/Signs liaison – absent

Honorary Trustee: Dr. Byron Newman – absent

Administrative Director: Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz

Meeting adjourned:  7:55 p

Next Board Meeting:  August 11th, 2022; Location: Virtual meeting using Zoom