May 11, 2017 @ NVISION

Board Members: Drs. Biaggi, Grazian, Pierce, Bakriwala, Sherman, Skay, Fasciani, Millet, Fitzpatrick, Lavin, Meisel, Gross, Ardakani, Cervantes, Cheng

Guests: Nancy-Jo, Dr. Dana Gampel

Call to order 6:50 PM

Secretary:  Dr. Michelle Biaggi
Review of March 2017 Minutes: Motion by Drs. Bakriwala/Fasciani to approve the March minutes as written. Motion passes.
Reviewed Secretary Duties

Treasurer:  Dr. Robert Grazian
Reviewed 2017 YTD P&L
71st Assembly District Optometrist Round Table

  • Meeting onJune 16 at 1:30 with Assemblymember Randy Voepel

President-Elect: Dr. Michael Morgan (Not Attending)
No Report

Immediate Past President:  Dr. Allison Pierce Becker
No Report

President:  Dr. Ketan Bakriwala Chair Description Updates
Holiday Party – Dec. 9 @ Admiral Kidd Conference Center
Discussed sending Reps to Schools during Graduation Luncheons:

5/15 10:30-11:30AM – WUCO
5/16 1:15-2:30PM – UCBSO
5/17 12:00-1:00PM – SCCO (David, Michelle)


Dr. Gross to email SCCO and Western, Dr. Pierce to email Berkeley
COA (Jodi Haas) will speak about “Maximizing Member Benefits” on Sunday, August 13 (5 Hr)
Discussed working with San Diego Center for the Blind (Dr. Lisa Kamino)
June 11 CE – Dr. Skay to Host
June 4 BBQ

  • Sponsors: Waddell and Reed & Shamir
  • Grazian’s House – Parking Situation
  • Items Needed

Vendor Liaison:  Dr. Dave Sherman
2017 Sponsor Update

Governmental Affairs:  Dr. Dick Skay
Discussed AB443

Professional Affairs:  Dr. Amanda Dexter (Not Attending)
Upcoming CE – Thursday, May 18th:
Dawn Pewitt, OD: Central Serous Chorioretinopathy and VMA vs VMT (2 Hours)
2nd Annual Retina Symposium: June 11

HCDS:  Dr. Drew Fasciani
Discussed diabetes awareness event in bay area (Peach Tree Clinic/Blue Cross)

LOVC Liaison: Dr. Erin Swift (Not Attending)
No Report

Communications:  Dr. Nickolet Boermans (Not Attending) & Dr. Lucia Millet
Deadline for June newsletter: 15th

Webmaster:  Dr. Susan Cervantes
No Report

OD Relations:  Dr. John Fitzpatrick
Discussed Referral List eligibility. Unanimous Motion, Motion passes.

Peer Review:  Dr. Paul Lavin
No Report

Public Awareness:  Dr. Bob Meisel
1) Monarch exam 13-14 April results
2) Request from Tzu Chi for mobile clinic
Oceanside 25 June 9-3 Del Rio Elementary school
3) Golf tournament 23 July Riverwalk course
4) Monarch cycle fall semester
5) July 22nd vision screening, details to follow (Dr. David Ardakani)

Membership: Dr. Eric White (Not Attending)
No Report

Dr. Patty Cheng
Dr. Michael Kling (Not Attending)
Dr. Wendy Gross
Dr. David Ardakani
Dr. Tina Licina (Not Attending)
Dr. Tammy Nguyen (Not Attending)
Dr. David Wong (Not Attending)
Dr. Dana Gampel (New Trustee)

Honorary Board Member:
Dr. Byron Newman (Not Attending)

Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz

Meeting Ended: 7:50pm

Next board meeting: Sunday June 4th 2017, BBQ at Dr. Grazian’s house