March 8, 2018 @ True Foods Kitchen

Board Members: Drs. Biaggi, Grazian, Sherman, Bakriwala, Morgan, Fasciani, Swift, Boermans, Millet, Lavin, Meisel, Ardakani, Wong, Newman, White, Dexter

Guests: Nancy-Jo

Call to order: 6:47pm

Secretary:  Dr. Michael Morgan (for Dr. Wendy Gross)

Jan 2018 Minutes reviewed, Motion to approve minutes as written by Drs. White/Meisel. Motion passes.

Treasurer:  Dr. Michelle Biaggi

Reviewed 2018 P&L

President-Elect: Dr. Robert Grazian

Reviewed tentative 2019 calendar

Immediate Past President/Richard Rex Fund:  Dr. Ketan Bakriwala

No report

President:  Dr. Michael MorganPresented Past President Gift

Discussed membership info that may be released to sponsors/event sponsors (member names)
Discussed streamlining deposits for treasurer with ATM “deposit only” card
Discussed 2018 political donations (donate by November)
Discussed Sunday’s 5 hr CE attendence

Vendor Liaison:  Dr. Dave Sherman

Sponsor Update

Governmental Affairs:  Dr. Dick Skay (absent)

Leg Day – April 18th

Professional Affairs:  Dr. Amanda Dexter

March 11 CE  – 5 Hr Glaucoma, Dr. Davey

HCDS:  Dr. Drew Fasciani

No Report

LOVC Liaison: Dr. Erin Swift

LOVC update

Communications:  Dr. Nickolet Boermans & Dr. Lucia Millet

Newsletter due date

Webmaster:  Dr. Susan Cervantes

No Report

OD Relations:  Dr. Morgan (for Dr. John Fitzpatrick)

List is used weekly and seems to be appreciated.  Would like to see more docs on the list so please encourage colleagues who need fill in work to contact JFP.

Peer Review:  Dr. Paul Lavin

No Report

Public Awareness:  Dr. Bob Meisel

1) Monarch Screening – February 26,  – 60 referred
2) Monarch Exams – Monday and Tuesday March 12-13 (still need 1 doc on 13th)
3) Health Fair UCSD – April 14th Montgomery Waller Park 10am-2pm
4) Speaker request – Oasis San Diego (active 50+ group in Escondido)
5) Golf Tournament – Fall vs July
6) Science fair – March 14

Membership: Dr. Eric White

No Report


Dr. Patty Cheng  (Not Attending)
Dr. Michael Kling (Not Attending)
Dr. David Ardakani – Membership recruitment and social media outreach
Dr. David Wong – give signs to Lucia Millet for Sunday CE

Honorary Board Member:

Dr. Byron Newman


Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz

Meeting ended: 7:48pm

Next Meeting: Thurs, May 10th, location TBD