January 13th, 2022

Board Members: Drs. Simona Grosu, Beverly Bianes, Katherine Witmeyer, Courtney Cape, Lucia Millet, Alyssa Pack, Andrew Fasciani, David Ardakani, Amanda K Dexter, Melanie Langford
Ilya Volk, Justin T. Nguyen, David N. Sherman, Robert Meisel, Tatyana Budarina, Erin Swift, Sloan Rajadhyksha

Call to order: 6:35 pm

Secretary:  Dr. Courtney Cape

  • Reviewed November 2021 minutes. Motion by Dr. Cape to accept November 2022 minutes as written, seconded by Dr. Sherman motion passed.

Treasurer:  Dr. Katherine Witmeyer

  • Motion made by Dr. Witmeyer to accept 2021 year P&L as written, Dr. Sherman seconded motion, motion passed.
  • Discussed financial differences between 2021 vs 2020.

President-Elect: Dr. Beverly Bianes

  • Discussed possible new venue for in-person CE and to possibly continue at the Handlery and provide accommodations for speakers elsewhere.
  • Discussed new sponsor applications received.

Immediate Past President:  Dr. Alexandra Scovill – absent

President:  Dr. Simona Grosu

  • HOD Feb. 10th @6pm, and 12th @10am – changed to virtual
  • Discussed whether going back in person in April CE
    • Difficult to fully say given unpredictability of COVID
  • July 5hr CE: changed date from 10th to the 24th

Vendor Liaison:  Dr. Andrew Fasciani

  • Discussed vendor payment updates.
  • Motion made to accept 5 sponsor applications received by Dr. Andrew Fasciani, motion seconded by Dr. Witmeyer, motion passed.
    • Platinum: Essilor – NVISION
    • Sustaining: Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute – Scanquest – Wells Fargo

Professional Affairs:  Dr. Amanda Dexter and Dr. Melanie Langford

  • January CE – Dr. Susan Daniel
  • Discussed revising Bylaws Amendments at the annual member meeting in November.
  • Discussed reimbursement options for speakers and decided on a per diem basis.
  • April CE – Dr. Barnett on presbyopia treatment
  • December CE – Dr. Nik London
  • Send email for suggestions

Membership: Dr. David Ardakani

  • Discussed currently have 248 members as of 2022.

OD Relations:  Dr. David Sherman

  • Discussed advertising this membership benefit and can do separate email instead of newsletter.

Governmental Affairs:  Dr. Richard Skay – absent

  • No Report

COA Health Care Delivery Systems (HCDS):  Dr. Justin Nguyen

  • No Report

Public Awareness: Dr. Bob Meisel

  • Monarch School screening – Monday 7 February 8:30 – 11:00, need 1 OD for morning
  • Monarch exams : VSP Mobile       Tuesday 15 March 8:30 – 2:00

Wednesday 16 March 8:30-12

Need 1 OD each day

LOVC:  Andreea Nastasoiu – absent (Dr. Erin Swift speaking for Dr. Nastasoiu)

  • Need Volunteer hours and monetary support
  • Donation post on social media advertising LOVC.

Communications:  Dr. Lucia Millet

  • Monthly 2022 newsletter : deadline for entries is the 15th of the prior month

Webmaster:  Dr. Ilya Volk

  • No report

Peer Review:  Dr. Patty Cheng – not present

  • No Report


Dr. Jenn Chinn – Co-Membership chair/New Member Liaison – absent

Dr. Alyssa Pack – Co-Communications Liaison

Dr. Kathryn Ordonez – Sunshine Coordinator – absent

Dr. Sloan Rajadhyksha – Richard Rex Fund Liaison

Dr. Erin Swift – School Liaison

Dr. Tatyana Budarina – Social media/Signs liaison

Honorary Trustee: Dr. Byron Newman – absent

Administrative Director: Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz

Meeting adjourned: 7:49 pm

Next Board Meeting:  March 10th, 2022; Location: Virtual meeting using Zoom