January 10, 2019 @ PF Chang’s

Board Members: Drs. Gross, Ardakani, Biaggi, Dexter, Fasciani, Grazian, Morgan, Millet, Skay, Sherman, Wong, Fitzpatrick, Lavin, Le, and Newman

Guests: Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz, Administrative assistant

Call to order: 6:48pm

Secretary: Dr. Alexandra Scovill (not attending)
– No Report

Treasurer: Dr. Wendy Gross
-Review November 2018 Minutes
-Motion by Dr. Skay and Ardakani to approve the corrected minutes. Motion passes.

President-Elect: Dr. Michelle Biaggi
-Treasury update-new computer, Carbonite
-Review Year End P&L
-Review 2019 Budget: Motion by Drs. Morgan and Sherman to approve 2019 Budget as written. Motion passes.
-2018 Donations to: Braille Institute ($500.00), Golf Tournament Proceeds: LOVC ($2200.00), Richard Rex ($300.00) and California Vision Project ($734.00 )

Immediate Past President: Dr. Michael Morgan
-2018 Recap of year and Holiday Party Review

President: Dr. Bob Grazian
-Welcome and Thank you
-2019 Calendar of Events
-Introduce new Board members; Secretary and Webmaster Introduce and confirm committee chairpersons
Goals for Board Meetings:
● Board Members responsibilities and duties
● Also, responsibility to regularly attend Board meetings and CE meetings!
-Trustees: Introduce prospective new Trustees
– Motion by Drs. Sherman and Skay to accept 4 nominees (Dr. Jenn Chinn, Dr. Marcelline Ciuffreda, Dr. Kathryn Ordonez, and Dr. Anita Koo) for trustee positions. Motion passes.
-Trustee positions available are:
● Co-Membership Liaison
● Signs
● School Liaison
● CVF Liaison
● Co-Public Awareness
● Sunshine Committee
● Richard Rex Fund Liaison
-Roberts Rules of Order, Simplified
-Annual Holiday Party date: December 7, 2019
-COA House of Delegates, March 1-2, 2019, San Francisco
-COA Legislative Day, April 10, 2019, Sacramento
-Election for new board members, trustees/positions

Vendor Liaison: Dr. Dave Sherman Motion to approve Konan Medical, Optovue, Professional Optical Lab, Vision West/HEA, Vistakon J&J, and EyecarePro as 2019 sustaining sponsors. Motion passes.

Governmental Affairs: Dr. Dick Skay
-No Report

Professional Affairs: Dr. Amanda Dexter
-January 17 th 2-HR CE, Refractive Surgery Symposium
-Weekend CE with Vision Source
– Motion by Drs. Morgan and Dexter to accept weekend CE with Vision Source pending list of requirements and obligations. Motion passes.
-Employee’s job title; Motion by Drs. Dexter and Biaggi to table motion for changing from Administrative Assistant to Executive Director. Motion to table motion passes.

HCDS: Dr. Drew Fasciani
-Dr. Kara Corches is no longer with COA

LOVC Liaison: Dr. David Wong
-Dr Erin Swift will present LOVC at January 17, 2019 Board meeting

Communications: Dr. Nickolet Boermans (not attending) & Dr. Lucia Millet
-January newsletter deadline is January 15th

Webmaster: Dr. Stephanie Le
-No Report OD

Relations: Dr. John Fitzpatrick
-List is used weekly and seems to be appreciated.

Peer Review: Dr. Paul Lavin
-No Report

Public Awareness: Dr. Grazian for Dr. Bob Meisel (not attending)
1) Monarch screening: Monday, February 25 th , 2019 with 2 VA residents and Dr White assisting.
2) Monarch exams: VSP Mobile Clinic on site, March, 11 th -12 th , 2019. Need 1 doc (or 2) on Monday, March 11 th , Start 08:00 – end by 14:30 Dr Hom will assist on Tuesday, March 12th, morning only, may need 1 doc after 12:00. Dr. Bob Meisel will plan to be there all 3 days.
3) SDCOS golf outing with Dr Lavin assisting but no date set yet. Want to get more sponsors and the industry involved more. Perhaps use a different format to attract more players.

Membership: Dr. David Ardakani
-Updating everyone on our members status, and also young OD’s get together time and details.
– Motion by Drs. Ardakani and Dexter for Vision Source to sponsor social meeting with SDCOS to reach out to non-members (0-10 years out of school) to encourage membership in SDCOS. Motion passes.

Trustees, Prospective (Guests):
Dr. Jenn Chinn
Dr. Marcelline Ciuffreda
Dr. Anita Koo
Dr. Kathryn Ordonez
Dr. Isabel Val

Honorary Board Member: Dr. Byron Newman
-No Report

Meeting ended: 9:05

Next Board Meeting: February 7, 2019 at NVISION la jolla