February 7, 2019 @ NVISION Eye Center

SDCOS Board Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2019 @ NVISION Eye Center


Board Members: Drs. Scovill, Gross, Grazian, Sherman, Skay, Ardakani, Dexter, Millet, Fitzpatrick, Le, Fasciani, Chin, and Ciuffreda.

Guests: Nancy-Jo, Administrative Director

Called to order: 6:41pm

Secretary:  Dr. Alexandra Scovill

Reviewed January Minutes: Motion by Drs. Skay and Sherman to approve the corrected minutes. Motion passed.

Treasurer:  Dr. Wendy Gross
Discussed January P&L.  Dr. Gross will send out reimbursement form to fill out and send back for 2019.

President-Elect: Dr. Michelle Biaggi (absent)
No Report

Immediate Past President:  Dr. Michael Morgan (absent)
No Report

President:  Dr. Robert Grazian

  • Discussed photos at society meetings, Dr. Le (Webmaster) would like to publish some of the photos; society liability.
  • New OD BBQ, and Board Meeting for June 15, 2019, Saturday afternoon. Dr. Eric White has offered to host at his home. VSP will sponsor. Drs. Skay and Sherman motioned to approve. Motion passed.
  • Codified Policy amendment: Original motion withdrawn.
  • Holiday Party considerations: open to suggestions for location.
  • Mozy-Carbonite cloud back-up successfully installed onto another SDCOS computer.
  • SDCOS 2-HR CE, Handlery Hotel, Thursday February 21st.
  • HOD, San Francisco, March 1-2, 2019: 17 from SDCOS attending
  • Legislative Day, Sacramento, Wednesday April 10, 2019. Sign-up with COA email.
  • LOVC volunteer doctors needed.

 Vendor Liaison:  Dr. Dave Sherman
Sponsor Update: Discussed possible “project” with VSP.

Governmental Affairs:  Dr. Dick Skay
Legislative day reminder, Wednesday April 10, 2019.

Professional Affairs:  Dr. Amanda Dexter
Total attendance for January 17, 2019 lecture: 101
85 SDCOS members
15 Sponsors
1 Nancy-Jo
1 Non-member LOVC Guest – Melody Tavakoli
Guest Speakers: Michael Gordon, Julio Echegoyen, Angela Nahl, Mihir Parikh

HCDS:  Dr. Drew Fasciani
No Report

LOVC Liaison:  Dr. David Wong (absent)
No Report

Communications:  Dr. Nickolet Boermans & Dr. Lucia Millet
Deadline for entries is 15th of the month prior.

Webmaster:  Dr. Stephanie Le
SDCOS Photos: Discussed photos for website.

OD Relations:  Dr. John Fitzpatrick
List is used weekly and seems to be appreciated.

Peer Review:  Dr. Paul Lavin (absent)
No Report

Public Awareness:  Dr. Grazian for Dr. Bob Meisel
1)Discussed Monarch Screening – Monday February 25th (Covered with 2 VA residents and Dr White 8-3 Monday Dr Meisel there all day )
2) Discussed Monarch Exams – Monday and Tuesday March 11-12 (need 1 more doctor. Covered with Dr Kalra 8am-12 and Dr Chinn 12-3pm on Monday, Covered with Dr Hom 8-12 on Tuesday, No O.D. in afternoon yet,  Dr Meisel there everyday.)
3) Discussed UCSD Health Fair in National City (information only booth/pamphlets to pass out to the public and answering vision and eye health questions at our society table…) Location: Montgomery-Waller Park, San Diego, CA 92154 (corner of Beyer Blvd. & Palm)Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019Time: 10 a.m. -3 p.m. (set-up will be at 8 a.m.)Dr. Meisel has done it the past 3 years, so maybe other volunteers.  Name Contact: Saisri Ravi saravi@ucsd.edu
4) Will begin to give 1 free 5 hour CE to doctors who volunteer for 1 event:  LOVC, Monarch school screenings, UCSD Health Fair, & local VSP mobile clinic.

Membership: Dr. David Ardakani
Discussed new OD mixer: Saturday, April 6th: 0-10 years out of school mixer to encourage new membership, Vision Source will be sponsoring.

Richard Rex Liaison: Dr. Michael Morgan

Dr. Jenn Chinn                        Co-membership
Dr. Kathryn Ordonez            Sunshine Committee (absent)
Dr. Marcelline Ciuffreda      CVF Liaison
Dr. Anita Koo                          School Liaison (absent)

Honorary Board Member:  Dr. Byron Newman

Guest: Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz, Administrative Director
Discussed need for mobile ODs.

Meeting ended @ 8:06.

Next Board Meeting: March 7, 2019, Vision West