November 1, 2018 @ The Barrel Room

Board Members: Drs. Ardakani, Biaggi, Boermans, Dexter, Fasciani, Grazian, Morgan, Millet, Swift, Skay, Sherman and Wong

Guests: Nancy-Jo, Administrative Assistant

Call to order: 6:40pm

Secretary: Dr. Wendy Gross (Dr. Biaggi for Dr. Gross)
-Reviewed Oct Meeting Minutes
-Motion by Drs. Sherman and Skay to approve meeting minutes as written. Motion passes.

Treasurer: Dr. Michelle Biaggi
-Reviewed P&L
-Discussed check signature policy
-Proposal to advertise at the DMV

President-Elect: Dr. Robert Grazian
-Updates on Executive Officer positions Immediate

Past President/Richard Rex Fund: Dr. Ketan Bakriwala (not present)
– No report

President: Dr. Michael Morgan
– Holiday party update
– The event will take place at Tree Tops at the San Diego Zoo on Dec. 1, 2018
– Volunteers needed for Board/Executive Board
– Reviewed considerations for society finances (Credit Card, Square, Check writing)
-Admin assistant review for 2019: motion by Drs. Dexter and Sherman to approve an increase. Motion passes.

Vendor Liaison: Dr. Dave Sherman
– 2019 vender update
-Motion by Drs. Sherman and Biaggi to approve Alcon, CooperVision, McGee, Professional Optical Lab, Konan, Wells Fargo, Optovue, Gordon Schanzlin, Essilor, iCoat, Eyecare Pro, and Nvision as 2019 sustaining sponsors. Motion passes.

Governmental Affairs: Dr. Dick Skay
– Discussed possibility of offering eye care to foster children at San Pasqual school

Professional Affairs: Dr. Amanda Dexter- Discussed need for speakers- Discussed increasing honorarium for speakers and changing hotel amenities

HCDS: Dr. Drew Fasciani
– No Report

LOVC Liaison: Dr. Erin Swift
-LOVC Update
-Dr. Wong to take Dr. Swift’s position as LOVC Liaison for 2019

Communications: Dr. Nickolet Boermans & Dr. Lucia Millet
– Newsletter info due by the 15th
– Reviewed idea to include editorials by board members to add to the newsletter

Webmaster: Dr. Susan Cervantes (not present)
– No Report

OD Relations: Dr. John Fitzpatrick (not present)
– No Report

Peer Review: Dr. Paul Lavin (not present)
– No Report

Public Awareness: Dr. Bob Meisel (Dr. Morgan for Dr. Meisel)
– VSP Mobile Clinic 60+ students, parents and staff received glasses (thanks)
– Reviewed Next Clinic- Exams on March 11/12, Screening will tentatively be on Feb 25, 2019

Membership: Dr. David Ardakani
– No report

Dr. David Wong – No Report
Dr. Patty Chang (not present)

Meeting ended: 8:00pm Next meeting: January 10, 2019 at P.F. Chang’s La Jolla