March 7, 2019 @ Vision West


March 7, 2019 @ Vision West

Board members: Drs. Scovill, Grazian, Biaggi, Morgan, Sherman, Skay, Fasciani, Wong, Millet, Le, Meisel, Ardakani, Chin, Ordonez, Cuiffreda

Meeting began: 6:39 pm

Secretary:  Dr. Alexandra Scovill

Reviewed February Minutes: motion to accept minutes by Drs. Skay and Meisel, motion passed.

Treasurer:  Dr. Wendy Gross (absent)

Reviewed February P&L


President-Elect: Dr. Michelle Biaggi
Reviewed tentative 2020 calendar.

Immediate Past President:  Dr. Michael Morgan
No Report

President:  Dr. Robert Grazian

  • Discussed new OD BBQ, and Board Meeting for June 15, 2019, Saturday afternoon at Dr. Eric White’s house. VSP will be the event sponsor.
  • Discussed idea of updating SDCOS membership roster, will consider and discuss further at the next meeting.
  • Discussed Holiday Party considerations, need location for Dec. 7th.
  • SDCOS 5-HR CE, Handlery Hotel, Sunday, March 24, 2019
  • Reviewed COA HOD
    • Motion to present award for best SDCOS website to Dr. Susan Cervantes by Drs. Skay and Meisel at March CE, motion passed.
  • AOA Meeting in St. Louis, MO, AOA Delegate forms available.
  • Reminder: Legislative Day, Sacramento, Wednesday April 10, 2019.
  • Discussed need for LOVC volunteer doctors.

 Vendor Liaison:  Dr. Dave Sherman
Sponsor Update


Governmental Affairs:  Dr. Dick Skay

  • Discussed AB 458 In-home optometric care
  • Discussed AB 1467 Optometric Scope Bill
  • Discussed Legislative Day April 10th
  • Discussed need of public awareness campaign for 2020. Committee was created: Public Awareness 2020. Dr. Morgan to tentatively chair committee.


Professional Affairs:  Dr. Robert Grazian for Dr. Amanda Dexter (absent)
Overview of 2019 HOD.
February CE attendance total: 102
80 SDCOS members
2 COA members
2 Non-members
16 Sponsors
2 Guest

HCDS:  Dr. Drew Fasciani
No Report

LOVC Liaison:  Dr. David Wong
Discussed ideas for increasing doctor awareness and participation in volunteering at the LOVC.

Communications:  Dr. Nickolet Boermans (absent) and Dr. Lucia Millet
Deadline for entries is 15th of the prior month.

Webmaster:  Dr. Stephanie Le
Discussed publishing photos on website, and disclaimer.

OD Relations:  Dr. John Fitzpatrick (absent)
List is used weekly and seems to be appreciated.

Peer Review:  Dr. Paul Lavin (absent)
No Report


Public Awareness: Dr. Bob Meisel
1) Reviewed Monarch screening done February 25, 2019
2) Discussed upcoming Monarch Exams – Monday and Tuesday March 11-12 (Covered with Dr Kalra 8am-12 and Dr Chinn 12-3pm on Monday, Covered with Dr Hom 8-12 on Tuesday, 12-3 now covered. Dr Meisel there everyday.)
3) Discussed UCSD Health Fair in National City (information only booth/pamphlets to pass out to the public and answering vision and eye health questions at our society table…) Location: Montgomery-Waller Park, San Diego, CA 92154 (corner of Beyer Blvd. & Palm)Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019 Time: 10 a.m. -3 p.m. (set-up will be at 8 a.m.)
4) Discussed Veterans Stand Down, June 28th – 30th at San Diego High School
5) Discussed Golf Tournament Sunday – August 4, 2019 at Pine Glen, tentative date.
6) Motion to make Dr. Grosu a trustee for Public Awareness by Drs. Skay and Meisel, motion passes.

Membership: Dr. David Ardakani
Discussed Young OD Mixer-April 6, 2019, 6pm-8pm at Park & Rec (4612 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116)

Richard Rex Liaison: Dr. Michael Morgan

Dr. Jenn Chinn     Co-membership
Dr. Kathryn Ordonez     Sunshine Committee
Dr. Marcelline Ciuffreda     CVF Liaison
Dr. Anita Koo     School Liaison  (absent)

Honorary Board Member:  Dr. Byron Newman

Nancy-Jo Sinkiewicz, Adminstrative Director
Simona Grosu, O.D.

Board meeting adjourned: 8:14pm

Next Board Meeting: May 9, 2019, Braille Institute